Saturday, March 28, 2015

TCR does a story about the WE ARE ALL HOMELESS project

Great job by Bob Phillips and his crew! You can find out more about the project HERE.


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  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Dear Mr. Baronet,
    I saw your video on Facebook today and was so moved because you have done what I have been longing to do for over 4 years.
    Austin has a huge homeless population. I see them everyday on my travels and it pains me to know that in a country as supposedly rich as our own, that we have so many who are out of work and need a place to live. Many times I have stopped to give the people I see fresh water, or baked goods or an umbrella when they are standing in the rain. But it isn't enough. It never feels like its enough! I want to do more…and I love your mission to see each person you meet. That is what everyone wants in this world. To know that they are seen. Homeless individuals are not invisible. The many I have met myself have such stories, and so many come from educated backgrounds. I see them and think of how many steps away from my life they could be and vice versa. I love that you took a road trip across our nation to point out that there is an entire class of people who the rest of the country refuses to see. Thank you for seeing them. You must have a beautiful soul. Anytime you decide to journey out again, please call on me as your passenger. I'm great at navigation and have so much to give as well. Thank you again for this installment and for the difference you have made in someone's life.
    Much gratitude,

    1. Thank you Jennifer, you made my day! ;-)


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