Friday, May 12, 2006


First creative volley with Jen at thickblackoutline. :-)


  1. lol! ah yes! i love it!! nice take on fear. :) creative block is every artists fear.

  2. Fear is a companion to us all, often not wanted, but at our side to remind us that we believe that we can't do it all. Keep a friend on the otherside to teel you that they're lieing to you.

    Do you have a friend who can do this for you. I believe that you have many who love you.

  3. wow...they say change in careers is called "The Return of Saturn" but I am not there yet...Yeah there must be something in the air...I made a list of changes I want in my life...and the resignation letter was the first on the list...Of course that letter I would never use becuase it burns bridges, but it was nice practice and I laughed myself to sleep after writing it...

  4. I like this one. Very un-Willie, not much white space ~ maybe that's why there's so much fear ... give yourself some space.

    The Tart
    ; )

  5. whats this?
    All the stuff on your desk?


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