Monday, May 01, 2006

Photo Friday - Famous

Ok, ok, I know it isn't a photo, but I couldn't resist. :-)


  1. hey, for all we know that's what you look like in real life.

  2. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Well I thought you had a beard. Surprised at that low brow though or is high brow?

  3. This actually looks freakishly like my husband. May account for the Diet Coke being snorted up my nose when I read the caption...

  4. Air-kiss-kiss!

    Hey bro, I GOT THE MILO.

    So as soon as my massive work load thins a tiny bit, will plan to head up to see you and yours with THE BEST CHOCOLATE INSTANT DRINK IN THE WORLD.

    Although, if you are a photomodel, I suppose you'll have to pass on this fattening lovely stuff. Pity. More for me and mine.


  5. so do you model then? or is it simply a dream? Or did u just start to doodle and thought, hrm...looks like a models' pose there...just curious.

  6. You are too sexy for your shirt, aren't you.

  7. Haha! That's very funny Willie. Oh, sorry, Sir Willie Baronet, your excellence. I think I'm onto this drawing's hidden meaning. Although I'm not quite 75 and have full control over my bowel movements, I have been known to watch the occasional prime time line up on CBS. By doing so I've witnessed a fair share of CSI episodes. Whether it be Miami, New York or Las Vegas, the theme is resolute...and that is methodical investigating. Because of this, I'm very thorough in my own investigating. You sir, have left little hints and sprinkled links all over the "internets" that indicate what you look like in the flesh. You didn't by chance appear recently in any Tarty art did ye? I have come to the conclusion that you and the Nyi Roro Kidul's victim are one in the same.

  8. Jesus Christ or John Lennon?:)

  9. LOL! This is WONDERFUL!!!! :-)

    I ised to work as a photomodel, but I didn't have a beard. That was back when I was a little younger, LOL!

    Nice work! Mary :-)

  10. Anonymous11:01 AM

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