Thursday, July 21, 2005

Live (a reminder)


  1. Definitely my favorite - I admit that my appreciation for art, especially bordering on abstract is not very well developed. However, when I go to a museum and see someone in front of a piece of art with discovery on washing their face, I know that the loss is I try to be open to the experience, but admit it does not come naturally.

    All that said, I envy your ability to silently communicate your emotions on a flat piece of paper and will continue to keep my heart open to seeing something in this kind of work that will provoke me in a good way.

    Thanks for sharing something that I know is very personal to you....the sign of a man at piece with himself....that can share his soul with others. Do more!!

  2. Behold the irony!

    "...the sign of a man at piece with himself...."


  3. Anonymous8:34 PM

    This is one of my favorites!
    Would you dig through your archives and treat us more like this... please : )

  4. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Oops, I meant treat us to more like these. You treat us just fine : )


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