Thursday, November 24, 2005



  1. ditto

    hopelessly devoted to you,
    da Tart

  2. LOL... I tried typing some humming type earlier, but thought nah.
    So glad you are in-tune with my brain in headcold mode!

    Fav verse of mine...
    My head is saying
    Fool forget him
    My heart is saying don't let go
    Hold on to the end
    And that's what I intend to do
    I'm hopelessly devoted to you

    On the mend thx to Mr. G & Lori's brew posts... she left you a note at my place, tellin secrets ~ Pulque?

    G reinstated... management deeply sorry for any undue distress. Help behaves badly due to abnormal self and toggles bloggy switches. Management on this case and Help will PAY, natch!

    ~ Feel free to delete this comment to prevent reoccurring anxiety. ; )


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