Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Still missing you. xoxo


  1. happy bday 2 ur mom! hope u paid her a visit, not just send a card :-P

    Thx so so much for ur comments and for stopping by in the first place. I had lots of fun reading them! :-)

    let's see - nop, i dont work in advertising anymore. Trying to stay lenty of things to see and to do.

    here u can see that book i've made for the self publishing fair.

    can u make my portrait? :-]

    ah..ghana was a great adventure!!! would like to see more of africa.
    by the way - love ur flikr pics

    ok...that's about what i remember
    from ur comments i wanted to reply 2. was it more? dunno now. :-)

  2. very touching drawing. and yeah you're stuff would come out great as a zine/artist book I think.

  3. damn...some text missing. lots of it actually. wtf?

    let's see - nop, i dont work in advertising anymore. Trying to stay away from it, but still close. if that makes any sense :-P
    actually lokking for a job right now.

    and u should visit this part of the world - it's fun! especially if u don't actually live here ;-P Really now, it is indeed a beautiful place with plenty of different things to see and do and people are not that bad either. being modest now :P
    and prices are resonable!
    yeah, yeah worked in advertising,can't u tell? :)

  4. uh me so stupid tday. now I SEE ur drawing. me so stupid. :(

  5. Ur card is very cute xoxo..a very happy birthday to ur mom from me too..hope ur mom gets all the happiness and the best of blessings...have a look at my blog if u wish to check some cool stuffs on birthday...hope to hear from u soon...cheers :)

  6. A lovely and sweet tribute to your Mom, Willie.
    Isn't it wonderful how the sweet stuff is always still there?
    She must have been so proud of you.


  7. You drew the sentiment perfectly, William. I love you!

  8. brandy8:38 AM

    happy birthday ma-b! i sure do miss you...

  9. is that not CUTE? it certainly is sweet...

  10. When I look at this drawing, part of me almost wants to brush away the lines blocking me from reaching the sunrise, and the eye full of tears reminds me a little of a stop sign. But seeing the dove flying above brings a sense of freedom and joy...this is a really elegant image, so fitting for the beautiful person it was made for.

    Happy Birthday, Willie's mum! :)

  11. I see you like doing line drawings, too. I like how you really make people think. I still haven't figured out Confusion City. I'm sorry that you're missing your mom.

  12. Anonymous10:44 PM

    thats sweet ^_^

    thanks for stopping by!

    aww.. i'm sorry-- how'd i ruin "finger" ???


  13. The most recent posting to my blog was about feeling my mothers loss as she slips away.
    You just never get over the women who gave their all to raise their kids, do you?
    Cherish the your sentiments, Willie.

  14. willie, what a wonderful tribute to your mom. i love the eye. sums it up, doesn't it? hugs!

  15. This brought tears to my eyes. I hope my children miss me.


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