Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Send some love to Paul

My dear friend Paul was hit by a truck while riding his bike last Saturday and has yet to regain consciousness. He is an amazing man, husband, father and friend. You can leave an encouraging comment here. Many thanks. Take the time today to tell someone important how you feel about them. :-)


  1. how horrible! you honor him with this drawing. I send positive thoughts...

  2. You are adorable Willie and a real good friend!!! Hugs and love to Paul!!!

  3. I am so upset by this. I just visited the site. So happy that a blog was created. Thank you for putting this info in your blog, otherwise, I would have never known.


  4. Willie,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Prayers for strength to you and his family, prayers for recovery to Paul.
    take care,

  5. so sorry Willie
    Hope he's well again soon

  6. Willie, your sketches are amazing and particularly shine when inspiration from the soul gets drawn with lines. I'm so shocked at what has happened to Paul and fear the unknown; which according to a quote in one of your previous posts...may have an affect on my 'creative powers.' Thanks for being there for Paul.

  7. willie, sooo sorry to hear about your buddy paul. life's path is crazy. sending him good vibes from vermont.


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