Friday, May 29, 2009

Illustration Friday - adapt

I'm out of the comfort zone. So I'll have to adapt. :-)

Have you taken a risk lately?


  1. mark schwietz8:38 AM

    Getting out of the comfort zone is indeed something to celebrate. You bring it brother to all you do. Your presence gives me a feeling of being safe. Indeed, you call me to "come out." Much love, Mark

  2. i'm out of my comfort zone at number twelve....sigh.

  3. Nice take on the subject. I didn't think about adapting and comfort zones. You can't have one without the other, can you?

    Nice work.

  4. Anonymous10:22 AM

    after playing it wayyyy too safe for several weeks i went ahead and said Y.E.S. today :)

  5. no. wait. yes, i think i have. no wait. um, that doesn't count. wait. um, maybe. (at the risk of sounding stupid....)

    BWAHAHAHAHAH! ok, ok. so it's not reeeally taking a risk. i promise to take one tomorrow.

    annnd, this is super, which really goes w/o saying, willie. "))

  6. love it willie. as ususal -- makes me midful to break out of the comfort zone...

  7. Anonymous10:38 AM

    You are so unique and original...
    There is no adapting in your arena :-)
    Have a great week end!

  8. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Yeah, I took a risk coming here 'cause there might be too much to see and I might get stuck and never be able to leave...but it was worth it, for sure. You always come up with something wondrously fun! ditsychick

  9. Very cool, Willie, I like this! :-D

    (I'm out of my comfort zone most of the time, LOL!)

  10. Anonymous4:11 PM

    I think that is what it's all about, as well as balance. Taking risks. Nike stuff. The comfort zone can be boring. I think that is what makes like exciting and scary and worth it. I admire people challenged to approach their edges, you know. And you are!

  11. It is already a risky business we illustrators are in. Loving the message in this one. Think I'll step further out of my comfort zone this week and invite everyone to join me and "take a chance."

  12. ha! as always, nice take!


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