Sunday, May 09, 2010

Illustration Friday - fearless

You tell ME how this relates to "fearless." ;-)


  1. face to face.

    fearless confrontation.

  2. One chair is trying to avoid beeing sat upon by shifting from side to side. This causes scratches on the floor. The lamp is trying to jump on the chair from the side, and while everything is moving that is a pretty fearless stunt.

  3. hmmm....well. one 2 one conversations are pretty tough. especially when one guy is hiding something or knows something about the other guy. or, if the other guy is having a bad face day, or has some kind of nervous tic. yeah, that's pretty daunting but really, for me? alllll the sharp angles in this room are the reasons to fear it. no toddle could walk though this room without getting clobbered by a corner, an outlet...that precariously dropping floor lamp. yyyeeesh! we gotta get some floor pillows in there!

    fantastic. i love it when you make my brain think and not just stare blankly. ")

  4. Hum.. must be the face to face thing. But that's all fun, isn't it? :)

    Ah, I always enjoy your illustrations, you know that!

  5. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Ah! esta es buena. Pues ser capaz de mirar al otro en la cara!

  6. The lightbulb seems to have a dandruff problem, but it's leaning over and judging the staring contest between the two chairs anyway, not letting the fear of embarrassment get to it!

  7. i think it has nothing to do with fearlessness quite the opposite i mean it's only the usual semiawkward moment after snapping on the lights in your head and you try to make plans of your possible seating arrangements for the rest of the day


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