Monday, December 13, 2010

Illustration Friday - phenomenon

Waiting. Time is such a phenomenon.


  1. What a nice, lyrical drawing. I liked what you wrote about the rain, too : )

  2. hi willie to be honest i don't really get it but i love to look at your sketchbook drawings very much especially your letters and here i like the most the tail of the g it's like my violin and the bow and your raindrops look like chrysalis and i thin it's chrysali rather than raindrops cos raindrops falling perfectly downwards unless there's a windy day outside and chrysalis would make your story more interesting to me and i also like the a and his bubbles leaving him it's something i sometimes experience while cleaning my aquarium and then sometimes i hurt some thick leaves accidentally and out of the wound a train of tiny little dancing bubbles make their way toward the surface and it's like that as if your a would be wounded and i like your i next to a as well it's like a tree of which leafy crown is levitating as chris angel in his show yesterday on axn scifi but about this tree i like the most the trunk i mean your hearts craved in it and the spiderweb on the w and its eyes especially the left one cos of the eyelashes the t is so-so and just as his neighbour i and now the n is strange with the bird and you know it's something inbetween and 15 past noon so among your letters it is the phenomenon i think it's like n is lying on the road and the rest of the fellowletters like trees and houses and poles and giants are surrunding it and waiting for it to stand up but i guess it's sleeping and one more thing i've just noticed it is the little character in the distance who's it? from here for me it seems to be a stickpin. so that's for now and i tell you this drawing was really tricky. bye

  3. hello.

    It's not your watch I care about.
    It's the time you keep.

  4. and rrramone nobody's ever told me that thing about my brain and interesting drawings deserve interesting comments though cant see why you saying my comment's interesting i just told you what i see and what i see is this drawing of yours bye


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