Friday, May 06, 2011

illustration Friday - beginner

So the day began with chaos. I was up late working on my final presentation for my final class of my final year of grad school. It is this morning, and my computer would not start up. For 20 minutes I tried everything I knew to restart it, and finally it did. Now I'm afraid to shut it down before class. Yikes! :-)


  1. Hope things got better after that beginning. And speaking of beginnings, you're coming to an ending! Must feel odd.

  2. Wow, been there, done that. I hope your day got better.

  3. O-M-G dooon't turn it off! til, um, 2013! seeriously! they trick you, puters. evil evil machines. (:-o

    and MAZELTOV on you MAJOR accomplishment, sir william! i mean, i figured you were accomplished and all, well duh. grad school! awesome!

    we sure do need another rock scientist out here who makes killer typography!

  4. Very beauty ... the style is diferent.


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