Friday, October 28, 2011

illustration friday - scary

What's scary is when I don't draw for a while. This is one of my welcome back sketches to myself. :-)


  1. I know that feeling, I've been doing similar small sketches trying to rev up my drawing mojo!

  2. oooo! that IS scary! you know what gets my (and thank you very much for the very APT word, MOJO going again?

    watching antiques roadshow. and every time someone says "it was my grandfathers" i force myself to doodle. you just put your moleskine right there in your lap, a micron pen and keep track. sometimes i try to draw those furniture twin guys...but they have very vague faces! scary death mask-like faces, come to think of it. :-o

    been there, wb! happy weekend doodling! "-)

  3. Drunken two week vacation haze in celebration of your birthday? Great to lose yourself, but even better to land back on your feet. Love the illustration.

  4. hehe This is cool realy different style its great :)

  5. omg! i just looooove this cat!
    (scary is when i didn't draw for a year!... weird hormone tricks my body played on me after labor :))


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