Saturday, December 10, 2011

Illustration friday - Separated

Sometimes I am separated from myself.


  1. hey you were so fast willie. that's the one in the mirror right? below. do you remember. and now your giant is really separated. Oh and that follow me thing. I'm very very happy you still to come and see me and it's really not that important for me to have you in that avatar box on my blog. however it's kinda good to have so many people around you. i have not posted my separated work but now i know yours it got me an idea. you will see but have to wait till dad has time to scan it. i tell you at the beginning i wanted to show a cartoon we made together. it was a family thing but my idea i mean that is what mom told me. i created most of the characters but you will see anyway. but i tell you i was very young. Okay hope you're okay with my talking this much. there was that roberto man do you remeber him the one who could do that trick with the rocks in the river. was very funny and i liked to talk to him but all of a sdden he deleted all my lines and never answered to me at all. mom told me people not really like to be forced in the chit chat and roberto got fed up with my things and stpid questions but i was little at that time . now i know and mom told to only comment short and get to the point and only of the illustration and not only saying cute and lovely and very nice and things like that but put down my real thoughts about the material cos that can help people and help me too in my own work. but i think some people just can't cope with it, maybe iwas too harsh and honest with roberto i don't know. But i love your works cos they are quite like riddles to me and i can't sayy i understand all but you are an adult right? but tell me! that brigade drawing. is it of the city on fire and yyour fire brigade is on the way? okay thanks all and don't forget to have a look at my separated giant. soon. bye with love lili i'm out now

  2. Simple, meaningful. Well done!

  3. i often notice that my mind and my eyes are separated. i look and i see but don't register... my point is, i so dig this one! #dope :)))) (LOL)

  4. i still adore you, though.


  5. I just came to thank you and i'm very happy and see you next week bye


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