Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How what who can I trust?


  1. OH MY!

    I made a psot like this and had a day of hell with people asking me if I was talking about them. Who am I mad at? What is my problem?

    I hope you do not have the same day of joys!

  2. C'mon Willie...it's all over TV! Constantly. You can trust Midas Mufflers. "Trust the Midas Touch."

    PS: Cool layout. This looks like a greeting card. Hmmm, I just remembered...I don't trust greeting cards. Now I'm leaning more towards Fox Mulder's credo: "Trust No One."

  3. Ahhh. I've had a trust confetti kind of week myself.

    Love the little isolated boxed pieces, and the free "I".

    The inherent challenge of trust for me? Assembling and knitting the confetti into a whole.

  4. I do not understand how you can come up with stuff like this all the time. ENVY!

    I really, REALLY like this one. (That means a lot)

  5. Trust in yourself.

  6. Dear Mr. Baronet,
    We at FOX TV like your concept for this TV show. However, we recommend that you broaden the cast by including a couple of white-trash strippers and a dancing bear with loose bowels.
    If you are agreeable to these minor changes, and have no problem with the show being hosted by Nicole Richie's babysitter, then we are prepared to send you a retainer for 2.3 million dollars.

    Barney Fife
    VP Program Development, FOX TV

  7. i really like your falling word boxes a lot - they sound crinkly.

  8. how-- just trust.

    what-- this moment.

    who-- you know. Just sit with this question, and the answer will come.

    can-- certainly.

  9. Having one of those days are we? Well here's a pleasant thought to get you through the day - You can only be betrayed by those you trust. Heard that uplifting line on a cancelled tv show which I can't remember the name now.

  10. this year has been one of those years for me....I've been asking those very questions very VERY often.

  11. This really resonates with me this week.

  12. yourself.

    always trust yourself.

    and that "trust" in itself, lets you know, all the other things you can trust.




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