Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The winners! (I know, everybody is a winner)

They came, they guessed, and they were right. (see the contest here) Well, at least 5 of them were. One just begged so much that she got a charity prize. :-) And I'm still waiting on material to draw the 6th winner (Lu***). But for now, enjoy, leave your comments and look for the next chance to win (or lose, depending on your perspective)! :-)

Sleep Goblin


Laurie (my little sis)




I'll admit it's more fun to draw the fairer sex, but guys, come on. Couldn't any of you tell that was a Spanish castle?!? Now I know why women are taking over the world. :-)


  1. OK, I completely and utterly love this. I only know SG, but it looks just like her. She kicks us!!!!

    You are so fabu.

  2. She actually sent me pics to draw from. :-)

  3. *grin* thanks for not revealing that i was the one who begged so much until my knees bled for a picture to be drawn! it is so cool!

    and now that Ghana is out of the World Cup... i have to find another country... France maybe *grin*

    thank you... thank you... thank you so much!


  4. I love your drawing stile...

  5. who knows if the moon's
    a balloon, coming out of a keen city
    in the sky--filled with pretty people?

    the sky is candy luminous and
    woooooooow, we are surely from the *moon* girls :)

    I like my headress :) can I have it back?

  6. Heheheheheheh!!!

    This portrait just clicks with me, WB! Not only does it look like me while still looking like Willie-Art (howdja do that?) -- the tiny eye in the lens is exactly what my camera looks like when it's ready for action.

    Thanks and luv from Curlicue City!

  7. Vatyma, of course you may not have it back, I'm wearing it now! heh heh

  8. screw you rrramone... i have been to baconvania many times and i have actually been to a castle that looks like that. i demand to be recognized as a winner as well.


  9. AL, you know we all want to believe you. It's just that when one does a google search for Baconvania, there is one listing. Your comment from this contest.

    Consolation prize: I got nuthin. :-)

  10. Hooray!! That's my crafting table! And my ring! I'm famous!

    Thanks :) Which reminds me, the penguins have feet now!

  11. That is the coolest! I am so pretty! I love the pink and the crown. I love being the Queen! Thank you for being so generous and talented! Love you....

  12. Love these drawings!
    the colors you added.
    the personal details on each.
    how fun.

    ps when you're done wearing it, can I borrow Vatyma's headress? it goes with these shoes i have...

  13. yeah rrramone!!! you should lend it to Lisa! !!

    (psst..Liz hand the headress when you're done wearin' it, *evil grin*)

    btw rramone which sketch was the most fun to draw?

  14. all amazing! you sure capture personality with a few key strokes..........

  15. They can have it. I reckon we're all done with it for now.

  16. Dude, I will so totally be back-you have many blogs-is this the one I should be at?

  17. These drawings are awesome and fun!

  18. dub-bee -

    these are incredible, amazing, astounding!!! I like how the personalities shine thru the drawings.

    you're like an artist or something! (or you could be a dj with a name like dub-bee.)

    : .)

  19. Wow...I really have enjoyed perusing your artwork. Very unique.

  20. Willie, you've done an AWESOME job of my portrait...nice investigation, by the way! :) (did you know that the RMY that are linked together are the my mums initials...she was the person I went storm hunting with)

    Like the emphasis on the cross-like T, and the Nicole Kidman OoohlaLa touch...of course the upside down sketch is perfect. (Or is it the right side? *grn*)

    (ps. may I have your permission to post this on my blog?)

  21. ahh! i love the color! wtf - must... blog... more....

  22. Thank you for your commentary, I am charmed with your work, am very creative

  23. They are all so beautiful! I love coming back to look at them.

    Bravo Rrramone!!

    The Tart
    ; )

  24. Very cool concept and whacky delivery. Fun stuff to ogle. Spanish castles, bah! I read once in a comment to an earlier post on your blog that 'Spain is the ash-tray of Europe.' Now who would make a statement like that!?

    "Taking over the world"? C'mon Dubya-Bee, you and I both know women have been in charge of this tainted orb since day uno. They just let us men huff and puff and sometimes rule countries just to let us feel important.

  25. Wow, Lori's famous!!!
    for a second i thought she was your little sis and you didn't know how to spell her name, but then i scrolled down a bit :)

  26. You could quite possibly be one of the coolest people ever.

    If you ever feel like doodling me (no shame), I'll barter with ya.

    Bur seriously, awesome drawings! You've really captured their essence. Bottled and preserved.

  27. KyLeee12:40 AM

    haha my mom looks great...and funny

  28. These are sweet portraits!

    Perhaps I'll have to start participating in your contests. :)

    Have a great weekend.

    besos from Mozambique!

  29. Women are the queens of the world, woooohooooo!! Lol, love the drawings, never a dull moment on your blog

  30. This is way too fabulous! : )
    I don't know several, but you so nailed Lori! That came out wrong, but you get my meaning. I can't wait till the next contest!

  31. Hi! I´m sorry I was traveling and I didn´t see your message. I hope it isn´t too late :(

    Thank you very much!

    un saludo!

  32. SteelCityGal11:47 PM

    Did you know that one of your pictures is upside down? Other than that they're sorta creative.

    Keep drawing.

  33. Steel City Gal, can't tell if you're being serious or not, but in case you are, that one is upside down because she is from "down under". :-)

    Thanks for all the great comments, am back in town and playing catch up! I smell another contest coming on. xoxo

  34. Interesting work. Also find commonality in your choice of movies, many of them anyway.

  35. Anonymous5:38 AM

    referring to your comment on mi blog:

    rrramone, it wasn't me!

    It was all dodo bird's idea, he didn't like the first *adjective* and he didn't know what dipshit meant so he told me to chuck it out. I told him it wasn't vulgur or anything but he wouldn't listen.

    plus he loves pixies. yeah maybe that's the real reason.....

  36. Anonymous5:39 AM

    oops I logged on as anonymous, something's wrong with my pc.

    c'est moi, vatymla :)

  37. The Lori drawing is my favorite! I love the way you did the jewels on that, so detailed!

  38. the color is fun!

  39. willie,

    I really like that one of Lori. and the whole idea here is super cool.


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