Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Another great idea I've yet to execute...

Years ago I drew this idea for a mobile. Copy and enlarge everything in my wallet, as well as the outside of my wallet. It would be very cool me thinks. I can almost see my huge Albertson's reward card wafting in the breeze from the living room air vent.

So many ideas, so little initiative. :-)


  1. i can hang up my receipts while at it. cool !

    first comment ^_^

    ok ok im lame.

  2. You could call it "Stolen Identity Crisis". Love the Idea... I may have to steal it! Heheheh... ahemmmm borrow it.

  3. I like the smile you've got goin on that license. If I had a pic that good on my id, maybe I'd consider it.

  4. You could also hang a cell phone on it -- then you'd have a mobile phone.

  5. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Give me your tired, your poor, your worn out reward cards! Love the idea...

  6. I always read what you're up to, but the thought of having a supermarket reward card turned into art just tickled me.


    Happy Birthday on Oct. 20th!

  7. Anonymous10:34 PM

    i love having more ideas than initiative. i think.

    better than being dry of idea.s btw - is that your driver's license card? looks good!!

  8. oh! lol this is very cool. you could take it a step further and get them printed on material, sew them, stuff them. like little pillowy bits blowing in the breeze. lol

  9. lol andy, we call them mobile phones here over on the island.

  10. hmmm... maybe i'll make one for my future niece! start them early with all the cards... now... 'this is an Amex card, you need it to get gorgeous shoes', 'this is a reward card, the more you buy the more reward you get', 'this is a video rental card...'

    hey! wait! will there still be videos in the near future? oh no did the DVD kill the video star??!!

    i love this drawing!


  11. hey yeah, what a great idea willie, you need to initiate! lol!


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