Saturday, January 28, 2012

illustration friday -forward

I have many tears to look forward to.


  1. Awesome! I mean, hope all is good...

  2. hi willie sorry to be this late but I'm quite busy with my school stuffs but i wanted to say of this blackclouded letterisch sigh that it's again crosslined which is good cos you could hang those teardrops of yours nicely and i like that getting upwards your tears turb to ice and i like your eyes also that's hidden in the i even eyeleshes are perfect they are like sunbeams being blown by a hardly seen blizard which is very interesting cos around here where i live it's winter but the sun is shining like in spring but the world beyond the window is like freezing no snow but it's like you'd inhale ice flakes or something just imagine me in the morning walking to school that's a horror i tell you but don't get me wrong i can deal with it fine and really good things have been happening to me recently and i tell you one of my story that my teacher entered for a cometition is picked by the publishing house to be considered to interesting enough for any prize and there is a people vote too so i'm very exciting right now. only bad for you that the story in hungarian so you can't read it. you don't understand hungarian do you? well kim does so i gonna throw her a letter (oh see, forwarding!!!) about it and if she likes she might vote okay i go and write the letter see you later oh and you know what this drawing of yours reminds me of a clown and the best part is the tail of the g bye rrrrrrrrrrrramone LiLi out


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