Friday, January 13, 2012

Illustration friday - prepare

Preparing for a critique.


  1. oops willie you've just said an f word! it's no a good thing even if you're the bad guy i mean a really really bad person and it's kinda scarry the evil eyed black shadow threatening with that pistol and it almost looks like it's kind of you talking to me as i'm trying to figure it out i mean i dont know it cannot be you right? even if you might be angry now maybe but hey 2012 is not the end of the world like they say it could be fun with no gun. so happy new year anyway and get prepared cos i'll be here too bye willy i'm out bye

  2. oh no need to fear willie cos you are really good at drawing with lines over lines but i tell you it's not your best i mean not a bad one but i like more your things below for e.g. your homeless figures when you let them be outlined and i just cant see yo in that shadow i mean hey i got it it is really a painter behind that canvas of which i thought it was a table at a bar or something and that pistol is a paintbrush and now i see your colors too oh i see i see okay i might nderstand now the reason of you being fed up with those who wanna see what you are painting or how your lines are working. i see and i tell you i hate it too but then i cover my sheet or hide it under my bed till the spot is clear and i hate to be told how to put my lines and shapes cos i have my own picture of it in my mind and even if i'm unable to make it real i dont like them saying hey it's okay i like that mouse cos in my head it was not a mouse but the nose of an ant but hey if i used those words I'd be gronded for sure. okay it was good to see you checking my painting made me happy okay bye see you later lili out


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