Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Andrea (big gay dragon) organized a moleskin exchange for 12 artists from all over the place. We each bought our own, and each month we draw several pages then mail them off, so that in the end we will each have a complete moleskin drawn in by everybody. It's been fun and intimidating. This was one of my drawings that I sent off and will never get back. Sigh. Click here to see more from the whole gang.


  1. Catch .22...nice use of device here and as always impressed by your linework...I have that conflict too...doing a drawing and then not wanting to let go of it...what stinks even worse is having a corner full of items and frozen with what to do...part of what sounds great about the exchange is having other artists' work to 'own' to look at.

    With regards to the starts off mentioning MasonBaronet...I'm not sure if that is your current or former were credited with starting 'Jam Sessions'. I was expecting to read more from you but Paul Jerde was the main source...sounds French...maybe you should have him deported...but they showed the simpson group photo and I remembered your avatar...but you weren't in the pic...

  2. Anonymous8:57 PM

    awesome! somehow i think the city is secondary, but maybe that's the point?

    i hope you scanned a hi res image - i am doing a sketchbook exchange group as well and i forgot to scan. doh!

  3. Fashionably Tribal Seduction.

  4. Can you fix me up with her?

  5. wow what a great drawing. I am new to your blog Love it already.

    Oh did I mention I am in AUSTIN!!!!!

  6. wow, your art is cool

    I see you have Chatoyance link, she is super rad.

    I love these drawinds of yours. I peaked at your myspace :)

  7. tried to comment the day you posted this, but Blogger wouldn't cooperate.

    Anyway, this is such a great project...(you know very cool people!)

  8. wow... thats some cityscape and an awesome idea!


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