Tuesday, July 01, 2008



  1. Anonymous7:04 AM

    this is fantastic. i will keep looking

  2. heh heh, cool! mine would be quite similar, except rows two and three would just be a series of computers and sleep would appear on the next page. :)

  3. so you wake up at 9,
    check your emails,
    kiss your gal,
    drive to the shops where the price of giftwrapped presents are on the rise,
    you hit a speedhump,
    so you stop to look at (gumball sushi machine) tshirts,
    then stop for a coffee,
    go to the gym,
    ride your bike to the post office to post a letter in a mail box that is very high,
    have a burger,
    talk on your phone,
    more with the emails,
    there are many post-its which make up your to-do list,
    go to an art exhibition,
    have a little snooze,
    play some sport,
    have some dinner, a
    ttend a creative meeting where lots of notes are taken,
    drive home,
    write in your journal,
    more with that intraweb,
    and do some sketches......

    ....... *phew!* all in a days work huh? ;) ;) superb as always sir! :)


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