Monday, February 13, 2006

In the corner. Again.


  1. No one puts Willie in the corner!

    Now let's dance!

  2. The juice is in finding a way out!

  3. Silly metaphoric paths through and out:
    Climb the walls.
    Walk through the wet, touch up behind you as you go.
    Wait for the paint to try (except, yes, it is like watching paint dry...)
    Paint a perforated line and break through to the other side.
    (Ah, I feel better now.)

  4. Good Nooz!

    It's fast drying paint!

  5. how did you make those little parallel lines line up? a brush? no. Four pencils tied together? No. A fork dipped in leftover fill it yourself inkjet cartridge ink? No. A selection of rubber stamps with little line thingies that you had specially made at that little place on Bryan so you could make this drawing? No. One painstaking life line drawn - at a a time - Just. So. You. Could. End. Up. Where. We. All. End. Up.

    Sometimes I feel the same way. How did I get in this same fucking place AGAIN?

    Thank you for drawing the way I feel.

  6. that's how messy my room is. *sigh*

  7. willie, i am living that life.

    but that's why it's always best to use water based paint.

  8. Yes, let's the corner!
    This one is really ... understood.

    Thanks for letting me out of my corner today ~ it was a glorious day!

    Big Smooch,
    The Tart


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