Thursday, February 16, 2006

Letting out some darkness


  1. Oh, ha ha, this makes me laugh.
    Is it bad that I call people "whores" inside my mind as I walk around cheerfully at my middle school?
    Great big giggles.
    Feel better now?

  2. very funny... thanks for commenting on the first of my tarot card that I put up... looking at this the fourth will be more relevant to you... ;-) Give me a few days...

  3. Holy Crap!!
    I saw your identity and about flipped. Though the ex is pretty stupid and not at all computer literate I assumed he somehow figured out this blogging thing and left me a note.
    Come to find out it's an amazing talent, with great life perceptions and a weird similarity.
    Thanks for the offering, it truly speaks a lot. I loved your whole site, though it will take a while I'm sure for me to see it all.
    Your new found fan,
    Happily Ever After A.K.A. Ms. Ramone
    former wife of Mr. R. Ramone

  4. Wow this is powerful and cathartic to look at! I've had the same feelings before....imagine that.

  5. wow! catharsis all around!

  6. Oooh color!

    Is that supposed to be you? I don't hear men call themselves bitches very often :)

  7. WowWowWow. Very powerful. You may need to do more, and send them out with a warning to make sure power surge strips are in place before viewing.
    I'm feeling a lot like the dark green evil shadow place. Stuck in a Red Roof Inn in Atlanta due to airline FUBAR-barity, and the light over the bed is flickering erratically.

  8. I told you so, little brother.

  9. Yikes...maybe I should have consumed less coffee before seeing this one! Or more.

    Are you the...b..., moving on

    The Tart


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