Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Creative volley #11 with Jen. HOT for Thursday Challenge.

Jump ropes skipping
Skinny dipping
Families tripping
Teens connipping
Mowers clipping
Clippers snipping
Homework ripping
9 iron chipping
Long putts lipping
Crowds hiphipping
Caddy tipping
Burgers flipping
Mosquitoes nipping
Markets blipping
Rollercoaster gripping
Deadlines slipping
Swimmers stripping
Sprinklers thwipping
Vendors gypping
Limeys kipping?
Sweet cream whipping
Lemonade sipping
Puppies yipping
Watermelons dripping
Distance pipping
Fall clothes shipping
Time a zipping

"Summer" by Willie :-)


  1. Ah, I see that your Sardine Bush is now in full bloom. Good job, it takes a long time to get it to bloom with that many colors.

    What Sardine Bush?

  2. ahhh watermelons dripping! :) i like that one the best, they're good for sunburn in a special way ;) i love the colours and such a complex little flower... that they paper rules with the bits in it x

  3. huh? that they paper?

  4. I came for the colours and stayed for the verbs. Delightful, all around. Thank you!

  5. Or...

    Sunflower Quilting

    who is willie and why is his last name baronet? and is he really rrammone? or are they the same person...?

  6. "...Teens connipping..."


    Luv the colors, and that Ookami calls it a Sardine Bush.

  7. liked the poem more than the art (which was good too btw) but I didn't realize you were so multitalented. I got all of it except the "distance pipping"

  8. *looks* ...

    i think i see it :>

  9. I am not really a big fan of summer. Maybe that is because I live in a country that is way too much sunny.
    But I think I can imagine why you guys get such a kick out of it. But... "mosquitoes nipping"? You'd better be kiddind!
    Kisses from sunny (even in winter) Brazil!

  10. I knew that the written word would eventually make it's way to the WB bloggy!

    The Tart

    Ps. Did ja colour in the flower on the puter?

  11. wonderful and whimsicle, you've summed summer up beautifully!

  12. willie,
    as you know i like to rhyme
    so i'm impressed with you this time
    and yet again you do create
    art that makes me salivate.

    :) kj

  13. awh willie, you rock my summer world.
    both parts lovely. one beautiful flower one beautiful poem.
    p.s. my emails to you keep bouncin...

  14. howdy! thanx for stopping by!
    that is such a cool poem- very rich!

  15. Thanks for making me smile after a very difficult and disillusioned day!!

  16. You have a very interesting style. I can actually appreciate it without being intimidated...

  17. Your poem is rippin!

    I heart this blog (I'm linking it up to mine whether you like it or not - you can't fight the power of a Flake)

  18. I especially like the way the flowers on the horizon are like measurements on a time-line...recording the passing of summer? Together with the evenly spaced petals they also create a kind of visual beat that follows the rhythm of the poem.

    Love the colours too!

  19. Rottentuna.com said...

    "wonderful and whimsicle"

    I'd sure like a Whimsicle. I'm tired of Popsicles and Creamsicles. And even Dreamsicles.


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