Saturday, March 04, 2006

Change is good!


  1. I have a piggy bank collection, well not really a collection but three. One has dimes and the other pennies. The penny one is the larger. I have an old glass milk jar that holds nickels because nickels remind me of milk money when I was in grammar school.

  2. Here's something interesting for a change: Back in the late 60's I had a friend who carried only dimes. Larry thought they looked & felt better than any other coin.
    If he got quarters or half dollars in change he broke them down into dimes. He gave away all nickels & pennies.

  3. I heard somewhere that it costs 7 cents to produce a penny. The government would ike to discontinue minting pennies but the state of Illinois, known as the Land of Lincoln, has such influence that it just never happens.

  4. Change is in the air...
    Love the piggy bank, brings back memories of my days as a little banker!

    My piggie was bronze and coveted by a sibling... sheesh, he liked to piggie and I ran a lot.

    The Tart

  5. That's just plain punny! : )

  6. Funny, I have that same piggy bank!


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