Thursday, March 09, 2006

That's the glory of, that's the story of love


  1. Your title is giving me a flashback to that movie Beaches.

  2. Yea! Love dance! Woo!

  3. See, this is why I want to move to Dallas. You guys are all so fun. I like your blog. Please visit mine. I am turning over a new leaf. Maybe I am not just an artist, but I can write my life story.

  4. Had this tune pop in my head thinking about your heartfelt art -- Such Great Heights, the version by Iron and Wine.

  5. Love those eyelashes! Gives me some ideas...Hmm, maybe I should be in true Oscar mode, for #2 blind date and whip a pair of these on my eyelids?? For the retro glam gal, hmmm....

    Dude, many thanks! Am off to beauty supply in the morning, ASAP.

    Big Eyelash Tickles Smooch,
    The Tart

    Love the pink ink! Did your pen have feathers and glittery stuff on it like mine does? Oh yes & mine is cherry scented too! Doubles for lip liner in a mad moment. ; )


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