Sunday, July 16, 2006

I had a dream about a cheetah, and in it, I was Jesus.

p.s. The contest about the airport ends tonight at midnight! So get your votes in now.


  1. I looked up your dream and it did not say anything about being Jesus but it did say if you see a cheetah it means you need to get active in pursuing your goals. Does that fit?

  2. I love your sketchbook, its a real treasure! I put it on my favorites, all the luck, Ulrich.

  3. Hey Willie, just because you look like Jesus and you wear sandals, doesn't necessarily mean that you're Jesus. Did you perform any miracles? Did you, let's say, walk on water? Did you end violence in the Middle East?!

    And seeing a cheetah could just mean that you got ahold of a bad bag of Cheetohs cheese puffs before you went to bed. I think I remember hearing about that on the Food Network...or maybe I overheard someone say it when I was standing in line at Wendy's.

  4. and just when I thought I was getting a handle on your brain...from afar, that is...

  5. did you really??? omg, that has made my day! there's your answer about your guide - its so clear that ray charles could see it! ;)
    have you been asking? i'd say the jesus reference in reagard to your spirituality, your power and your oneness with it - don't think i haven't noticed! ;) like i've said you're a creative saviour, prophesying with your art, and showing the masses your gifts.

    although, in your drawing, why is the little guy stuck? i think this part is the most interesting of all all the steps! i like the little cheetah he is really cool!

    - love the girl next door

  6. arrrrrrrrrrgh! 12.32.


  7. are u sure it was a cheetah...or a cat with spots in its family?
    kcab emoclew (:

  8. Hhhm.
    Were you looking at my IF "sacrifice" before drifting off to sleep?

    Just asking cuz the shaman in it said he had the same dream, too.

    Most excellent vision.
    Enjoy letting it steep into you as if you were hot water and the dream was tea.

  9. Did you see the movie "Harold & Kumar go to White castle"? It's very silly, and it includes a weird part with a cheetah, too.

  10. Damn, I'm late...hahahah. My mind is still on the weekend :)

  11. Tell the story............


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