Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Another contest: guess where this airport is?

You may remember the last contest, where the winners got their portraits drawn (including one loser). :-)
This contest will be similar. You can guess up to 3 cities, and I reserve the right to disqualify you people who are insiders and already know the answer. So play fair, be a good winner (or loser) and compete with gusto. Exact prize(s) and number of winners to be determined by me. Heh heh. There may be a special bonus prize for the most inspired entry. May the force be with you.


  1. stefania7:49 PM

    First time I ever comment on this website. I love your drawings,..they are so natural and inspiring. Very honest.
    I have no idea where this aiports at but I would guess its an airport in Buonos Aires. Could also be the Barcelona airport ,..even an airport in california.

    Im done guessing:) Flunked big time right??

  2. kyyyyyyyle8:24 PM

    i put up a pic of us in my myspace pictures...check it out its pretty funny..

  3. I'm guessing Barcelona, although I've never been. I'll also say Mexico city?

  4. What fun what fun! is there a clue in the pic?
    im going to guess here cause it could be anywhere....

    *San Fransisco

    all starting with S...

  5. I got to go with a Spanish speaking country as well! Barcelona or Madrid!

  6. ok..I'm guessing Cancun, Panama City or Cozumel

  7. nice drawing by the way!

  8. The airport to love, where it apparently is always time for love, according to all the clocks in the background.
    Next flight out is the 3:30 to my heart.
    And the flight to loneliness is delayed for good.


  9. Hey Willie: This looks similar to 2 airports I've been in: Phoenix or Cancun. But then, that's 2 out of 3 airports I've actually been to in the last couple of years, ha!

  10. Hmmmm....Spanish scribbling on the hangy-downy sign...strange plants all over the place....phallic symbols everywhere...

    Buenos Aires
    or Barcelona

    Since I can't smell the place, I'll just have to guess...

  11. How about:

    Santa Fe?

  12. no se, doblay vay-bay...

    Barcelona, Madrid, Argentina?

    I like ookami snow's answers!

    This is so square, but I can still see the perspective and the flight attendant is perfectly tall and slender!

  13. soy seguro que es un pais espanol...entonces:

    Havana, Cuba
    (whats the capital??),Peru
    Valencia, Espana

  14. Okay...let's see.

    I've been to the airport in Havana and remember it resembling a grain shed more than anything else. But there was a nice part in the entrance...And I know you a thing for Cuba so I will include it as one of my guesses nonetheless.

    Definitely somewhere spanish-speaking. My final list is as follows:

    1. Havana, Cuba
    2. San Juan, Puerto Rico
    3. San Jose, Costa Rica

    PS - FYI, Santa Fe doesn't have an airport, at least one that is served by commercial airlines.

  15. I think it's Havana!!

  16. Hello willie Baronet!!!!
    - Girona
    - Eindhoven
    - Girona

    - go
    - stay
    - return

  17. Since it's written "Salon VIP" e "banos" on the sign next to the palms, I'll guess it is:
    1] Madrid
    2] Havana
    3] Mexico City
    And, by the way, I'll take "maniac" as a compliment!

  18. Havana
    Los Angeles

    Please God, let me win again, Amen!

  19. I guess Havana, Madrid, and San Jaun

  20. 1. Madrid
    2. Cuba (somewhere)
    3. Toronto (had to incl. it even though it's a remote possibility just cause it's our airport here :D)

  21. hey... this is not fair. can i beg again to get my picture drawn if i'm wrong? *grin*

    OK... although all airports look the same to me... i'm definitely sure it's not singapore or heathrow (my 2 most frequented airport) or amsterdam either...

    i'm gonna go for malaga, koln or what's the other places that everyone's been mentioning?? is it havana? ok let's go havana too!

    draw me draw me draw me!!!

    oh... cool drawing by the way *grin*

  22. Puerto Vaharta, Mexico
    Albequerque, NM
    Alpena, MI

    Damn, I'm good, I can just feel it.

  23. Michelle6:18 PM


  24. I have never left my country, never been to an international airport, so Ill name cities I want to go to ...

  25. Firstly, loving this drawing so much! Makes me want to travel more and draw even more-r!

    My guesses are -


    and my guesses that its not -


    And my wildcard entry is Havana, given that is if is, it is, and if its not, its not. ;)

    Visit the southern hemisphere, you know you want to!


  26. it aint chicago michelle. and it may be Havana but I am still comfortable with one in Spain, Madrid or Barcelona.

  27. Charles De Galle= Paris????

  28. haha well I guess if I could understand Spanish then it would be an easy clue - actually now i can read??
    but hey I did say San Francisco - could be some signs in Spanish there right?

  29. Who won? Who won? C'mon c'mon...tell tell tell!

    (Are you annoyed yet?)


  30. It also isn't Albuquerque!

    My hometown airport has the most unique architectural design in the world, and certainly doesn't have a wall of clocks and signs in spanish (although we are a bilingual state).

    I realize that by giving away these "not it" airports I am giving an advantage to late entrants in this competition, but I just can't help it!!!

    I promise to refrain from comments about airports not in New Mexico (well, commercially speaking, there's just one!)

  31. Nice is nice.
    Seville is a thrill.
    Barcelona is not alone-uh.

  32. Contest ends tonight at midnight so get your votes in! :-)

  33. Hmmm.

    Mexico City


  34. The woman seems to be taking her pet robot for a walk and the plant/animal behind her looks like it's ready to grab her robot and eat it.

    With these facts in mind I'd say:

    A. This airport is in the future - maybe 2057.


    B. This is actually a CIA training camp in area 54.


    C. This is a soundstage in Hollywood filming the pilot for the new NBC reality show "Guess Where Willie's Airport Is."

  35. Athens.

  36. Dulles International airport, near DC?

  37. And the winners are: (insert drumroll here)

    Trevor Pitt
    Ali la loca
    Joy Eliz
    Lady Guedes

    The airport is Havana! I clearly need to make these contests more difficult. Winners, please let me know if you are going to email me pics or other substance to draw from. My email is and whatever you send is groovy with me. :-) Special demerits go to Ali la loca for saying I had a thing for Cuba, which was a wicked hint. :-))) Yati, now I feel better about drawing you the last time, you may have to beg again for a second drawing. Heh heh.

    I am planning to post them one at a time instead of all at once, since it will take me a while to draw them all, so get your stuff in soon. I'd like to post them in the order that you won! Thanks to everyone for playing, it was a blast to hear the comments. And I should give honorable mention to Rowan, who guessed Cuba but not a city. :-)))

  38. omiGOSH!!

    I win again! it took quite some detective work.

    1) I searched some spanish city airports on google. none of them clicked with the drawing and there was simply tooooo many cities to google, sooo:

    2) I searched through your oldest posts to see if there would be a hint to where you've been in the world.

    3)Bingo! One of your posts was called “chairs Havana, Cuba” I google imaged “Havana airport” and bingo again! The same ferns, the same signq coming from above.

    4) Than I crossed (or "crescented") my fingers ;)

    5) I won!

  39. yeay!!! i actually don't have to beg now!! i'm no longer a loser!!!


  40. So for my special demerits do I get a special portrait??


    Seriously, though. The Cuba thing was fair game. All one had to do was look through your archives. I just made it easier for the lazy folk.


    I'll be sending you an e-mail.

  41. And now, if more people won because I said you like Cuba, you just get more drawing practice and more faithful fans of your work. I mean, nothing like a portrait to make a person come back for more!

  42. Nice sketch! Looks like Buenos Aires, Brazil, or Chile? Thought I'd take a stab...hahaha. I like your recent posts.

  43. Damnit, foiled again!

    My word verification is tgnxxx. I'm xxx. That's hawt!

  44. Hey Willie...
    Sorry I'm late getting my guess to you, but I was in a car accident on the way to visit a dying relative and I had an appendix attack, too. Lying on the operating table I kept saying "E-mail Willie and tell him I guess HAVANA!!" But they thought I was delerious and kept increasing the drugs. I woke up 3 days later and I'm writing you from my hospital bed right now, even though I'm in excruciating pain.
    I'm certainly glad you're such a considerate guy and realize that this letter is 100% true and I know you will allow me to share in the prize.

    Your totally honest friend,

    PS... Please come see your ailing pal. Visiting hours are 11 PM to 1 AM on odd Thursday's in months with no vowels.

  45. Ha ha ha
    I find eye really funny(this sentence sounds so strange)
    I lost!

  46. and the winner(s) is/are?

  47. (I vote that Eye get's a consolation prize...even with the delirium from injuries incurred when the poodle fell on him during the appendectomy, he was still thinking of you. What a valiant competitor!)


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